Transparent Factors in Form and Content

Transparent Factors in Form and Content
Northern Illinois University
Rotunda and South Galleries
November 15 – February 15, 2019

Transparent Factors presents literal and figurative interpretations and investigations along the spectrum of transparency, translucency and opacity. Artists in the exhibition explore the capacity of “transparent” mediums like air, water, light and glass to clarify and reveal, or to obscure and distort (sometimes simultaneously). Some artists see visual phenomena as metaphors for the openness, disclosure and accessibility (or lack thereof) in practices of wielding authority, making decisions or disseminating information.

Work for Transparent Factors was selected by invitation, national call for entries, and from the NIU Art Museum Collections. Reviewed and initially selected by the NIU Art Museum Exhibition Advisory Committee. Final curation, selection of pieces and installation layout developed by Peter B. Olson, Assistant Director, Curator and Collections Manager, NIU Art Museum.

Artists include: Tom Burtonwood, Caleb Cole, Nicole Czapinski, Nancy Fewkes, Carrie Fonder, Shawna Gibbs, Gibson + Recoder, Thomas Gondek, Maki Hajikano, Karen Hillier, Suda House, Ernest Jolicouer, Nicole Lenzi, Stephanie McMahon, Christopher McNulty, Jeroen Nelemans, Robert Rauschenberg, Thomas Skomski, Vanessa Viruet, Andy Warhol and Katie Waugh.



OFFSpace in collaboration with Minnesota Street Project
1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco CA 94107

Exhibition Run: June 19th through July 14th 2018
Hours: Tues-Sat 11am-6pm
Artist Receptions Saturdays 3-6pm

Since its inception in 2007, OFFspace has staged a dozen exhibitions in unexpected spaces and host galleries. Featuring the work of over 100 artists from across the United States, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Besides being pioneers of site specific curation in the Bay Area, OFFspace has singled itself out by creating shows with an wide range of artists and practices; bringing together emerging, mid-career and established artists, Bay Area and international art makers.

To celebrate passing the 10-year mark OFFSpace is proud to present Altered, a show part retrospective and part curatorial experiment. Altered will shift/mutate/evolve throughout the run being “re-curated” weekly by OFFSpace and invited partner curators, featuring a different theme and works with each iteration.

Over thirty artists* who have shown with OFFspace throughout our 10+-year career will share work to create a physical library in one portion of the gallery space. OFFspace will then draw from this resource to formulate the first in a series of exhibits. Thereafter, on a weekly basis, guest curators will select work from the library to create a unique exhibition on a specific theme of their choice. Additionally, the entire library will be available for perusal by the public with the help and supervision of gallery attendants.

Partner curators include Dasha Matsura, San Francisco Director at Spoke Art Gallery, Justin Charles Hoover, Founder & Director at Collective Action Studio, and from Aggregate Space Gallery co Directors S. Willis & Conrad Meyers.

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* Participating artists include: Alan Hopkins, Alexis Arnold, Alicia Escott, Andréanne Michon, Angela Pryor, Ap-art-ment (Laura Boles Faw and Cathy Fairbanks), Christopher McNulty, Cigdem Kaya, Claudia Huenchuleo, Diane Chung, Emmanuelle Namont Kouznetsov, Gillian O’Shea, Gioj De Marco, Glenna Cole Allee, Gwynne Stoddart, Jan Blythe, Jesse Walton, Jinyoung Youm, Justin Hoover, Karrie Hovey, Kathrine Worel, Linda Trunzo, Luther Thie, Madeline Dignadice, Marya Krogstad, Michael Kerbow, Michelle Morby, Michelle Wilson, Peter Foucault, Rachel Dawson, Ruth Santee, Victor Barbieri, Winnie van der Rijn and Zeina Barakeh.


Blue in the Face

Gallery Protocol
2029 NW 6th ST
Gainesville, FL 32605
Curated by Mike Calway-Fagen
Curatorial Assistant Jen Holt

Abigail Lucien, Alisha Kerlin + John Stoelting, Andrew Ross, Brandon Siscoe, Carol John, Christina Tsui, Christopher McNulty, Fidalis Buehler, Frances Trombly, Jason Brown, Katherine Miller, Kristina Estell, Lauren O’Connor-Korb, Louis Schmidt, Meredith Kooi, Michael Oliveri, Mitch Myers, Noah Doely, Preston Drum, SLINKO, Stephen Scheer, Trevor Amery, Trevor Reese, Vabianna Santos, Wade Kramm, Zachary Carlisle Davidson
With essay by Amanda Waterhouse

April 14–June 2, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, April 14, 7-11 PM

From the curator: “Bringing together a large group of artists with diverse practices, Blue in the face explores blue as an unquantifiable quality. As a result, most work included is not blue in color but instead exudes the phenomena of blue, a presence that embodies urgency, ineffability, exasperation, and breathlessness; the what, how, when, and where this blue materializes, affects both human and nonhuman life, and the universe.

Blue is both an origin and a destination. It arouses desire, as well as reticence, even fear. Blue is the color of everything just before total darkness. It is dusk and dawn.

Through photography, performance, sculpture, painting, video, and site-responsive installation the exhibition examines blue as it appears across our cultural, historical, natural, and affective landscapes. Blue in the face explores blue, where it meets the eye of the individual and of time.”


Is Art Work?

Spartanburg Art Museum
200 E. St. John Street
Spartanburg, SC 29306

March 16th – June 4th, 2017
Opening Reception: 03.16.2017 | 5-8pm

Is Art Work? is a group exhibition featuring five artists whose work is meticulous, meditative, or laborious: artworks that require hard work. Each of the pieces in this exhibition required dozens, if not hundreds, of hours to produce. The central myth of the artist in our culture is that of the “starving artist”, whose labor is so undervalued that he or she cannot even afford to eat. Yet we all consume what artists produce – art – on a daily basis. The design of our clothing, the shape of our homes, the expressions and idioms we use to communicate, the caskets we will be buried in when we die: all are the work of artists of one kind or another. Why is a group that is at work in every sector of our society so marginalized?

Is Art Work? challenges viewers to consider the production of art as a repetitive, highly focused course of action, and calls attention to the often unseen labor behind every work of art.

Maggie Evans
Kim Matthews
Christopher McNulty
K. Mixon
Margaret Smithers-Crump


Earth Fire Water Air

Earth Fire Water Air: The Elements of Climate Change
Curated by Elizabeth Langhorne
Central Connecticut State University Art Galleries
New Britain, CT

March 9 – April 13, 2017
Opening Reception: March 9, 4-7pm
Closing Reception: April 12, 4-7pm

“We can register what is happening with satellites and scientific instruments, but can we register it in our imaginations, the most sensitive of all our devices? … Art, like religion, is one of the ways we digest what is happening to us, make the sense out of it that proceeds to action.” – Bill McKibben

The exhibition uses the four elements to provide a conceptual structure for the complex ecology of the changing climate. For each of the elements, we present artwork in a wide range of media by twenty artists to suggest and dramatize impacts of climate change, as well as the positive responses that communities and individuals can make. Topics include fossil fuel and alternate transportation systems (Earth), shifting climatic seasons due to warming and the fate of bees (Fire), rising sea levels and Connecticut coasts (Water), and air pollution and alternate energy sources (Air).

Featuring: Beehive Collective, Rosa Blatman, Xavier Cortada, Janet Culbertson, Alexander Dang, Ted Efremoff and Students, Olafur Eliasson & Frederik Ottesen, Lisa Goren, Mags Harries & Lajos Héder, Christopher McNulty, Ricardo Levins Morales, Carol Padburg & Students, Alexis Rockman, Julia Samuels, Scott Schuldt & Cecelia Bitz, Joseph Smolinski, Paula Winokur, Jave Yoshimoto


Transience Exhibition at Off-Space

Image of OFFSpace logo curators of Transience exhibition



Curated by OFFSpace (Emmanuelle Namont Kouznetsov and Kathrine Worel) a not-for-profit, artist-run curatorial cohort, a nomadic venture exploring genuine site-specificity. Featuring the work of Christopher Burch, Marya Krogstad, Christopher McNulty, Karrie Hovey, MAP (Peter Foucault and Christopher Treggiari).

Classic Car West Gallery, 411 26th Street, Oakland, CA 94612

Show Run: June 3rd, 2016 – July 29th, 2016

  • Openings and artist Receptions: Friday June 3rd & Friday July1st, from 6-9pm
  • Saturday Strolls: Saturday June 18th & Saturday July, 16th, from 2-4pm
Read OFFSpace’s curatorial statement for the exhibition.