Transparent Factors in Form and Content
Northern Illinois University
Rotunda and South Galleries
November 15 – February 15, 2019

Transparent Factors presents literal and figurative interpretations and investigations along the spectrum of transparency, translucency and opacity. Artists in the exhibition explore the capacity of “transparent” mediums like air, water, light and glass to clarify and reveal, or to obscure and distort (sometimes simultaneously). Some artists see visual phenomena as metaphors for the openness, disclosure and accessibility (or lack thereof) in practices of wielding authority, making decisions or disseminating information.

Work for Transparent Factors was selected by invitation, national call for entries, and from the NIU Art Museum Collections. Reviewed and initially selected by the NIU Art Museum Exhibition Advisory Committee. Final curation, selection of pieces and installation layout developed by Peter B. Olson, Assistant Director, Curator and Collections Manager, NIU Art Museum.

Artists include: Tom Burtonwood, Caleb Cole, Nicole Czapinski, Nancy Fewkes, Carrie Fonder, Shawna Gibbs, Gibson + Recoder, Thomas Gondek, Maki Hajikano, Karen Hillier, Suda House, Ernest Jolicouer, Nicole Lenzi, Stephanie McMahon, Christopher McNulty, Jeroen Nelemans, Robert Rauschenberg, Thomas Skomski, Vanessa Viruet, Andy Warhol and Katie Waugh.